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Chain of Command

Chain of Command



Influences the Decisions made in the Community, in order to be part of Council you must be voted into it by players on the server.



This person will oversee staff and the daily administration of the community including Senior Administrators.


Senior Administrator

The Senior Administrators run the day to day operations for the community in line with the published rules and regulations. Supervises a team of Entry Administrators. Responsible for ensuring that their team is trained, proficient, and efficient in their duties.  Monitors the quality of their team to ensure all issues are dealt with appropriately. Responsible for handling unban requests, compensation requests, and all issues requiring database access (EMS/PD whitelisting, re-whitelisting, gang appointments and removals, house & car transfers, inventory wipes, donator perks, etc). 



Deals with in-game issues, processing formal reports, distributing bans and warning points (excluding perm bans) and screening comp requests.


Entry Administrator

 This is a Trial rank used to prepare Staff members to be an Administrator.


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