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Crafting Sheet ~WIP~

So i'm working on a crafting sheet for the server. I plan on only doing a few guns, but if you would like me to do all of them let me know. Right now I only have the M4 and OTS BECAUSE SOMEONE CHANGED THE FUCKING RECIPES AFTER I WAS ALMOST DONE WITH ALL THE GUNS. Anyway im going to be selling it when its done for 10k. 

The lay out will be somthing like this:

#Lower Receivers

# Stock

# Bolts

# Triggers

# Firing Pins

# Handle Grips

# Long Barrels

#Upper Receivers


# # # #

Total Cost: $$$$

If you would like to help send me a msg and I'll most likely say yes.

or you could just make it your self because it aint that fucking hard


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