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Guest Moretti

How to grow weed.



Yes, i know "Eater of ass" already made one, but it's terrible. So here is my version.


Step I - Supplies

  • Locate the drug dealer.
  • Buy some seeds of him (I recommend High Quality).
  • Locate the Hardware Store .
  • Buy yourself the following items (x2 Terracotta Pots, 2x Potting Soils & 2x Fertilizer).
  • Locate the Grocery Store.
  • Buy yourself the following items (x4 Water).
  • Locate the Electronic Store.
  • Buy yourself the following items (x2 Box Fans, x2 Lamps).


Step II - Growing

  • Go to your owned property.
  • Place the box fan on the ground facing up.
  • Place the Terracotta pot on top of the box fan.
  • Hang your lamp a little over your pot facing the pot.
  • Turn on your box fan and your lamp
  • Drop the potting soil, pick it up with E and start filling your pot (Right click)
  • Do the same with your water and fertilizer.
  • Once you filled up all 4 bars (Brown, Blue, Purple and Yellow) take your seed's and drop them into the pot.  

Should look like thi470fc8ea0df4b257e297a74c969d692a.png

  • Keep an eye on your plant and make sure none of the bars go underneath the white line
  • Otherwise your plant will die.
  • Once your plant is finished, hit E on it to collect the cannabis.
  • You will then receive 2 NOT dried cannabis blocks.


Step III - Drying and Trimming

  • Locate the Hardware store once again.
  • Buy a (1x Assembly Table)
  • Drop your assembly table and hit E on it
  • You will then need to craft the following items (1x Drying Rack & 1x Trimming Machine)
  • Once you've crafted both things, head back to your property.
  • Place down your drying rack.
  • Drop your cannabis blocks and put them onto the drying rack.

Should look like this 6159fc07e01711578677f603291066f8.png

  • Meanwhile place down your trimming machine.
  • After around a minute your cannabis should be ready to collect from the drying rack.
  • Collect the cannabis onto your inventory
  • Drop the one cannabis block one at a time down in the trimming machine
  • Wait for the trimming machine to be done trimming your cannabis

Should look like this 7cf91c260637e88c3a8701b2e7f60130.png

  • Pick up the trimmed cannabis and it should give you 4 cannabis bags.
  • Continue this process until you have dried and trimmed all of your cannabis.


Step IV - Selling

  • Locate the drug dealer (Be aware, he changes positions)
  • Make sure to not raise any suspicious activity or get caught by the cops
  • Sell him your dried and bagged cannabis
  • Earn some mad dollar dollar bills


Best regards,




Edited by Moretti

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