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SantosRP Rule List

Posted (edited)




 1.0 General


1.1 General Rules


I. The Most Important Rule Is To Always Use Common Sense.


II. As a player, you must understand that this is Serious Role lay and should enforce it at all times.


III. You do not need a working microphone, but should be on GSpeak at all times.


IV. You must use a serious roleplay name, if you do not have a proper name the staff team WILL rename you.


V. You should have GSpeak as it is the substitute for in-game voice communication, but it's not a requirement.


VI. You must be willing to follow this rule list at any time.


VII. If you disconnect at any point in a combat/roleplay situation you will be punished accordingly.


VII. After you are revived by a medic you cannot run away you must stay and wait, after a reasonable amount of time you may leave


VII. Be respectful and reasonable in OOC, OOC is used for out of character purposes. In character you can say and do whatever you want to an extent, If a player finds it offensive and asks you to stop you must


VIII. In any situation, an admin has the final word, if you feel that you have been treated unjustly, post an abuse report on www.conduitserver.com or message them on steam. Keep it out of OOC


1.2 Common Definitions


I. AFK - Away from Keyboard, Acronym used when a player is away from their computer.


II. RDM - Random Deathmatch, Randomly Killing another player without a valid in-character



III. CDM - Car Deathmatch, Killing another player with your vehicle with no valid reason

besides to troll.


IV. IC - In-Character, Refers to things that happen in roleplay on the server.


V. OOC - Out of Character, Refers to things that happen not in role play situations.


VI. Metagaming - Using OOC information for IC purposes.


VII. Admin - Staff Team Member


VII. NLR - New Life Rule


VIII. Green Zone- Any spawn point on the map is defined as a gafe zone. Also, when a player is

in use of a NPC they are safe from any role play situation.





2.0 Forums & Teamspeak


2.1 Forums


I. Do not, Spam the Shoutbox.


II. Do not, advertise other communities.


III. Do not, post inappropriate content.


IV. Do not, under any circumstances link any screamers or other malicious links on the forums or on Teamspeak.


V. Do not, under any circumstances lie in a ban request. This includes covering up for rule breaks made by you or another person and lying about the incident. To falsely incriminate someone.


VI. Do not post any form of controversial content, questioning the admins’ decisions and dividing the community’s opinion towards your personal view/agenda.


VII. You are accountable for your account, if you get “hacked” or a friend/family member uses your account, it's’ your own fault.


VIII. Advertisements are strictly prohibited, this includes but is not limited to; streaming channels, gaming communities, and websites.


2.2 Teamspeak


I. Do not, impersonate someone you're not.


II.You may not use voice changers.


III.You must not leave GSpeak while in an active RP Situation, unless taken out by a staff member for an admin situations.


IV. You cannot argue with a staff members final decision, if you feel that the decision is; inappropriate, bias or a variety of other things. You may escalate the issue by following the chain of command or making a staff complaint form.


V. Do not, promote a precarious environment nor advertise other servers.


VI. Do not, use soundboard(s). You may only use soundboards so long you’re in a private channel and receive permission from each individuals in the channel.


VII. Bots are not permitted in the G-Speak Channel.





3.0 General Role Play


3.1 - Roleplay & Power Gaming & Meta Gaming


I. This is a roleplay server you must role play when the time arises.



II. Do not metagame. Metagaming would be using OOC info in a in-character situation, an example of this would be using steam messages to ask your friend where he is.    



III. Do not powergame. Powergaming would be forcing your acting upon another through unfair and/or unrealistic means, an example of this would be "/me uses his super strength to overpower you and steal your gun".



IV. You may not use third person as proof to raid as a cop, everything must be in plain sight of your character.



V. You may not use people's names above their head, to identify in a role play situation outside of role play you may.



VI. The only place you can grow is on an owned property


3.2 - Green Zones (Safe Zones)


I. Green Zones are areas on the map that are safe zones where laws and rules cannot be violated.



III. Green Zones are everywhere in the map excluding, Outskirts, Industrial, Small Dark Alleys, Mesa Apartments, Suburbs, Lake Houses and Slums.



III. This does not mean that they are your “saving grace” if you run into a green zone whilst in combat the RP situation continues.



IV. If you own a house within a green zone this does not mean your impervious it will render the house a neutral area. This includes raiding that property is allowed.



V. Do not agitate think you’re safe just because it’s a green zone, if you agitate a player and they give you warnings to stop they may kill you



VI. Running into a green zone whilst in a combat situation, the green zone is no longer green for all individuals and or parties involved.



3.3 - FearRP


I. FearRP Means you fear for your characters life as if it were you own.



II. You must comply to whoever is the threat to your life.



III. When held at gunpoint you may not run, attempt to fight back or attempt to kill your attacker.



IV. You may pull out a weapon if you break the line of sight of your attacker.


3.4 - Random Deathmatch & Car Deathmatch


I. You cannot randomly kill a player unless the role play situation deems it necessary.



II. You can do terror role play but there must be at least 5 cops on.



III. You can be a hitman but you must have a proper reason to have the person killed and they must know that they are a target you for killings.



IV. You can use your car as a weapon to an extent.



V. Do not go out of your way to kill a person with your car.



An example of your car being permitted but not limited to is if you’re in a cop chase and you see a police road block ahead with two officers in the road trying to block the way you can kill those officers to make an escape


An example of when your car would not be permitted  as a weapon is if you had the owner of a house you’re about to raid come out of the house so that you can run him down causing the raid to be easier


3.5 - Mugging & Kidnapping & Hostages & Jailbreaks


I. You’re only allowed to mug every thirty minutes, and you can only mug the same person once a day.



II. You can only mug someone for a maximum of $5,000.



III. You cannot take a cop hostage with less than three cops online.



IV. You cannot take the police negotiator hostage during negotiations.



V. You are not allowed to force someone to take money out of the atm.



VI. You are not allowed to force someone to take items out of the bank storage.



VII. You are not allowed to crash into another person’s car, to wreck it; so you can rob them, this is considered FailRP. Example : If you’re in a head on collision, you aren’t allowed to rob the person.



VIII. You may not rob someone for his/her accessories such as; Backpacks, Masks or Sunglasses.



IX. When doing a jailbreak, the person must be in the actual cell, not in the holding cell.



X. You are not allowed to mug or take hostages in public, it must be in secluded areas.



XI. If you succeed in a jailbreak, you must leave right away. (you can’t stay in PD and kill people)



XII. You cannot do a jailbreak with less than five cops online.



XIII. You cannot take over the jail.



3.6 - NLR


I. After your character respawns you forget everything from your previous life.



II. You may not return to the area of your death until your NLR time has expired, there are exceptions, if you were ran over randomly you may return, if you died to a prop you may return, ETC.



III. The NLR timer is five minutes after you respawn.



IV. If you die in a raid or a jailbreak you cannot return to help out.


3.7 - Physgun & Building


I. Only bring out your physgun when you are using it for building, keep it away when you’re running around the city.



II. You may never use your physics gun to prop push your vehicle if it's stuck. Call an admin for that.



III. Do not move your props unrealistic distances.



IV. You may not use any props to climb an obstacle unless it’s on your own property.



V. You may use your friend to boost you over a fence but only one person, you may not stack three people on top of each other.



VI. Do NOT prop surf at any time.



VII. All built structures must be realistic, no floating props or structures without supports.



VIII. No head glitching.



IX. No prop blocking, there must at least be one way to get to the building.



X. No crouch cades.


3.8 - Driving Rules


I. At all times you should follow traffic laws unless you have a proper reason to be breaking these traffic laws.



II. Situations that allow for you to run a red light and not follow traffic laws but are not limited to, are as follows.



Fleeing from a crime, pursuit, yielding for emergency vehicles and fitting role play.



III. You can violate the speed limit but should still follow all other traffic laws.



IV. If you drive recklessly and an admin sees it as a problem you may be blacklisted from driving.


3.9 - Raiding Rules


I. There is no need for raid proof, you can raid whoever you want.



II. You can raid a property every 30 minutes, but can only raid the same property every two hours.



III. A raid starts as soon as you enters someones property with the intent to raid; Having a gun out, or lockpicks.



4.0 Government Rules


4.1 Police


I. Before placing someone in the jail, you must read them their rights.



II. You must have a valid reason to pull someone over.



III. The definition of probable cause is the suspicion of a crime.



IV. If you go 10-7 (off duty) for more than thirty minutes you must log off the job.



V. Police Officers have the right to shoot first if the situation is needed.



VI. During a jailbreak, officers cannot return to the PD and engage back into the fight, all officers must wait for the jailbreakers to leave.



VII. No criminal activity while on-duty.



VIII. Police ratios are ⅓ (Probationary officers are civilians and do not count to the ratio) (EX. fifteen players five may be police)



IX. If there are less than five officers on duty with more than twenty players in total, officers must flag up.



X. Do not flee from a simple traffic stop, unless you have a reason to.


4.2 EMS


I. The EMS is neutral and do not take sides.



II. The EMS may call the police if they feel their life is in danger. This does not violate the neutrality rule.



III. You cannot revive people under an active gunfight.



IV. No criminal activity while on-duty.



V. EMS are in control of you after reviving you, do everything they ask and roleplay your injuries!



VI. You may point a gun at a Paramedic and tell them not to revive a specific person.



VII. You cannot hold a medic captive in a gunfight or force a medic to revive someone on scene, this also applies to police.



VIII. If you’re AFK for more than 30 minutes you must leave your job.


4.3 Fire Department


I. Firefights are neutral and do not take sides.



II. Fire marshals may detain civilians and call the police if they refuse to leave the scene of an incident. This does not violate the neutrality rule.



III. Fire marshals may call the police if they believe the cause of a fire was a deliberate arson attack. This does not violate the neutrality rule.



IV. Firefighters may call the police if they feel they’re life is at stake.



V. You cannot fight fire under an active gunfight.



VI. No criminal activity is allowed while on-duty.



VII. If you’re AFK for more than 30 minutes you must leave your job.


4.4 Public Job Rules/Job Abuse


I. You are not allowed to abuse the job such as a mail driver or taxi driver.



II. You are not allowed to get a job with the intentions of using the provided vehicle for personal use.



III. You are supposed to follow all traffic laws unless you have a good roleplay reason not to. You may not drive the UPS van like an idiot to deliver packages on-time.



IV. You are supposed to follow all traffic laws while working and are not to do crime unless you need to take action such as defending yourself.



V. You are not allowed to go inactive for more than 15 minutes.



VI. You must role-play your job at all times. You cannot drive up as a tow truck driver, hook the car and drive off!



VII. You mat not finish people off when on a government job.


4.5 Recording Devices


The use of “gopro” or other video/audio recording devices in an in-character manner is strictly prohibited and is classified as Power Gaming; unless listed below, no audio or video footage shall be used in an in-character manner to prove the actions of another player. Accept ions are as followed:


    Uniformed PD/EMS workers may use a body-camera when on-duty to submit evidence.

Undercover officers may not use body-camera, but may use a audio recording device otherwise known as a wire to submit evidence.

All citizens of Santos may use a phone or dash-camera installed on their vehicles to record interactions with their surroundings at any point in time.


All citizens of Santos may use video/audio recording without the use of a cell phone if the footage reasonably would have been recorded by either a visible security camera or emergency vehicle.    


All recordings are able to be "destroyed" and if destroyed may not be used in an in-character manner. In order to destroy a recording device you must locate the source of the recording and state you are destroying the device.    


Security cameras may be destroyed by either shooting the camera, or by entering the shop and approaching NPC and actively stating you are destroying the footage.    


Civilian dash-cameras and emergency vehicle dash-cameras differ slightly.


    See the differences below:


Civilian dash-cameras are always recording however audio is only picked up within close

proximity of the vehicle (a few feet).    


Emergency vehicle dash-cameras only record when lights/sirens are activated and audio may be picked up where the driver of the vehicle is located as they are equip with a wire.    


4.6 Civilian Sided


I. You cannot steal any government official vehicles.


II. You may not role-play as any form of a jihadist/military organization explicitly to create chaos via explosions, ramming or firing. [Discretion will be used by staff to define this rule.]  




All players are required by the community and the management to read through this

agreement and the rules when joining the Santos RP Server. You are responsible for

checking this rules list for any updates it may have which is denoted by the ‘Last Updated’

timestamp. Rule may be updated at any time, it is your job to keep updated with them When joining the server it is implied that you accept these terms as well as you following them.

“Failure to read and follow ALL Community Guidelines will result in your removal from the community indefinitely.

By entering any of our community servers or sites you agree to the following set of rules along with all rules for that

individual server or site. You also agree, upon entering any community server or site, to accept any punishments for

breaking said rules. You agree that you are responsible for the actions committed on your account during your visit

to our sites or servers. You also agree that any donation or contribution of any money will not be refunded.


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