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Update #3 - Huge Update! V2.1




Hello, and welcome to Update #3! There have been a lot of additions, and fixes in this update that we think you all will enjoy. Anyways, jumping right into it; you will need to download our new content pack, and rockford v2b (links below).


Also, backer and cash donations are going away real soon, so make sure to check them out!

Patch Status: Unreleased (1/8/2017)

Map File: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=328751281

Workshop collection:


Update Log

  • Cars flash when locked/unlocked
  • Unlocking cars from a much longer distance.
  • Pressing 'R' with your keys out will turn off your car lights.
  • Max jail-time is now 3 hours
  • 3 paramedics must be on duty for the doctor to be N/A
  • New Gov Cars // Scripts
  • More individual gov radios
  • Wallie-talkies are now craft-able
  • Property name loss fixed(lua-refresh)
  • Removed shotgun from armory
  • Removed /911 (use the cell phone service)
  • Primeval car buy functions fixed
  • Added police badges
  • Added new police models.
  • New car-lock sound
  • Economy
  • Tax rates
  • Player bills (house payment, car insurance)
  • Fixed up a bunch of returning nil errors appearing in console every so often
  • Police locker no longer glitches out.
  • Gov radios no longer appear attached to a player.
  • Various other additions and bug fixes that have been forgotten
  • New car rental system (Free rentals for Primeval)
  • New mayor system (Apply via forums)
  • New lawyer system (Apply via forums)

New judge system (Apply via forums)


New Rule System

The administrators and council members have been working hard at a new rule set, which are now in full effect. Please take the time to go through them and familiarize yourself with them!



As always, thanks,




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