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  1. @Kannoli
  2. Become a game community. Have Squad, A3, other misc game servers.
  3. Starwars and MilRP are extremely over saturated, with 100s of small servers with 100 players daily. HL2RP is dead. Santos, people play on the actual one, and mini games are dead except for the people who still watch Vanoss. Time for Gmod to die? Time to move on to another game?
  4. what the fuck just happend
  5. Gun priced right now are ridiculous. Right now a m1911 will run you 15k! Heres the prices that I see are somewhat realistic, with still making it hard for players to get big guns. Pistols (Not raging bull) 2-6k m1911 through OTS Rifles (Starting with maybe the SKS or AK and leading through the G3 and M4) 8-20k SMGs 7-14k Snipers, EBRs ect 25-50k
  6. WAAAY to expensive for a handgun IRL when I can get a nice hunting rifle for that much. M1911s are really just collector bs.
  7. http://www.jgsales.com/chinese-sks-type-56-semi-auto-rifle,-7.62x39,-military-surplus-issue-with-bayonet,-c-r.-used.-p-58288.html
  8. Santos had highly paid devs make their gamemode, like 10-20. I don't think we currently have those opportunities, and TBH I doubt we ever will. We get all the shithead rejects from Santos and the underage ones too. With the 10 other servers with the Santos content that get about 60+ daily, we are kinda in the shadows. Especially with Santos themselves opening a public server, everyone will go there.
  9. SkS irl-300 from surplus sight. Those prices were a rough estimate of the calculations I did from my outdated crafting sheet to fix the prices. How much money it is to craft it, buying materials ect.
  10. Not talking to you. That was directed toward David, everything you said was true
  11. bush did 9/11
  12. you forgot vape naysh
  13. why do you have 9/11 in your name?
  14. A lot of shit has gone down on the server within the past few days. A lot of people are at "war" with each other, getting salty, trying to get one another banned. But honestly, its a game. Yesterday for a little bit I was salty that I kept losing my guns over random bullshit, but then everyone started having fun with the mingery cancer fest. I kinda stopped giving a shit and took funny memories over items in my bank lol. I don't know why everyone is trying to get each other banned, even though I was close to posting a ban request too.But honestly guys last night was all in good fun and if you're salty over anything like losing, its virtual money that you can make back within an hour. I don't think any one person should be banned if everyone isn't going to be banned for last night, and no hard feeling should be kept.
  15. Not trying to stir a different shit storm, but from what I've seen from him so far, hes been trying to get all the people he hated perm banned.
  16. Not the point of this thread but Ok thanks.
  17. most pathetic pecker contest I've seen and i live in south flordia lmao
  18. *cringe*
  19. Man this is like somthing I sent to my whole class when i got a email address in 3rd grade.
  20. There already is one... right click on buy
  21. Santos gamemode has gas station robbing implemented, don't know why its not activated.