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  1. #Bimo4Mayor2017
  2. It is a great though Kat! But like @Joe Batters said. We should get our player base growing and then maybe!
  3. Lol okay ben
  4. Great to see you! I am Glutic, but you can call me Jeff. I am an administrator here so there isn't much to it. Besides the fact that I am a Sergeant as well as an FTO for the Los Santos police department and soon I plan to move my way up to the County. I am Liam Jalapeño in game so I hope to see you! Have any questions. Please feel free to add me on steam @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/HashLane/
  5. "Peep" get a glance of me ladies.
  6. We are unsure when we're switching over to Evocity because it would take some time. And also other stuff. But we're just now going to stay at Rockford until nykez wants to actually code :3
  7. Okay so. Mr David. The decision has been made by administration as well as the community. Your actions on our server cannot continue no longer and We will not stand for it. Everything you've been doing is not good and we expect better from you. Change yourself before you get yourself into more trouble. Also do us a favor and read up on our rules for the sever because honestly? We are sick of your childish attitude. Don't expect a positive ban next time. User will be banned for 1 week. Locked
  8. You know.. I find it really annoying and funny how someone like you has VIP. You act like you're the big shot in the community and yet.. You commit to breaking the rules and acting like a man child on the server. Even after being warned you don't seem to care. Why? 1. You cannot live in an Un-owned building and you cannot make drugs in un-owned building(s) 2. Saying Nig**r and other words ICly oocly even after killed and you forget whatever happened. You have to obey NLR. You really should know better.
  9. fat dilldoes
  10. I would like to run!
  11. I can't wait to come back on the sever! Should be back Tuesday!
  12. Nice to meet you! Hope to see you on the server
  13. What about the fire truck tho?
  14. Name is Glutic I remove bad guys from the server I regret everything. Thaats it
  15. Lol nerd. But nice to meet you broham!
  16. http://m.imgur.com/a/N8Pvy
  17. Be excited haha. I am planning on working with my friend(s) nad creating some community emblems and logo's in ps!
  18. Oh come on now... You can do better can't you? Lol
  19. Basically this. ^ You may have the Primeval rank on the server. But you're still a player with the same amount of respect and responsibility a normal player has. Don't expect to get everything.
  20. That would be nice yes! Looking forward to having Mayor and Governor apart of the government!
  21. I agree with Panda. I do love the glowing one. They're all great Nykez. Keep up the good work. I'm planning on working with Photoshop here soon!
  22. +1 I would love to see a new radio because the one we have sounds and looks nasty. Plus I couldn't fit it up Morettie's ass
  23. My goodness.... 😦 Your organization. ITS AMAZING!!! Just makes me want to call myself Tony Montana and join lel
  24. LOL I feel like it's gonna get abused fast. Hope not.
  25. BUT. What I was thinking is that. You have to make an application on the forums to be Whitelisted to have a taser. If accepted (By the Government ICLY) you will be given access to a taser (And/or cartridges??)