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  1. Dude how can is gay in touch with u

    1. David


      Get in touch with u 

  2. Hi Nerd.
  3. If you could list the items. I see more than a Chemical Reactor Chamber. Unless you just want that.
  4. Never mind but this is y I shot her because there where dead officers in the house she was trying to go in to me and a another officer told her to stop as she walked back words into the home where we found dead officers to me it looked like she was going to close the door so my first action was to shoot and no I did not have a tazer equipped at the time because we where dealing with a officer down call 


  5. Hey I never shot a cop I was a cop


  6. +1, love the hats.
  7. I don't think its necessary to whitelist everything for primeval.
  8. I think if Civilians are able to carry tazers most people would be randomly tazed.
  9. This would be a great addition to the server! Easy and Legal way to make money for the new players! Plus the job is quite entertaining.
  10. Would be a neat addition to the police force. But it's not the same model as the other taxi we currently have. Would be too obvious.
  11. Tow Truck needs to be fixed. [bump]
  12. If you're still having an issue with the armory try to go into first person and press E.
  13. If you don't mind I would like a banner & logo for Bimo Thanks in advance.
  14. These look fancy.