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  1. how have you not seen starwars? shame on you @Aurora at least watch the original trilogy
  2. This will probably sound petty but i agree especially in Davids case, in my experience with him he has done nothing but break rules and lie about it later. The most i have seen done is him being blacklisted from government jobs that he still gets whitelisted again i believe he has been blacked from police 3-4 different times and he is back on the police force again as of last night. That said i personally love this community and i hear alot of talk about needing players that is true but i would rather have a smaller non toxic player base than a larger community full of toxic players something needs to be done rules are barely getting enforced if not at all. And I'm sure somebody is bound to say i broke rules too before and that is true but i will always own up to my own faults. Overall we need to work as a community to better our player base and stop the bullshit so everybody can have fun.
  3. +1 Support looks great would add a much better look and feel to the radios
  4. 490