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Everything posted by David

  1. Also I'm black so I never said ni**er I said black lives matter yes but I be geting called a nig*er every time I get on how u think I fell 

    1. David


      Ok I looked at the rules and I now see what I broken won't happen ago abut people make mistakes 

  2. I'm sorry dude I understand also can u send me a link to the rules if I knew them I would not be breaking them I respect y'all server but I get insalted by asking for somting better for the server but I will need them rules and it would not happen again 

  3. The admin named Michel keeps trying to bann me for nothing and I have videos of this plz contact me so I can give u more detals
  4. Hey u should add police uniforms like the sert uniform off of arma 3 life


    1. David


      And can u add motorcycles

      Bikes and shot guns to police officers

  5. Dude how can is gay in touch with u

    1. David


      Get in touch with u 

  6. Yay I made it to youtube
  7. Never mind but this is y I shot her because there where dead officers in the house she was trying to go in to me and a another officer told her to stop as she walked back words into the home where we found dead officers to me it looked like she was going to close the door so my first action was to shoot and no I did not have a tazer equipped at the time because we where dealing with a officer down call 


  8. Hey I never shot a cop I was a cop


  9. I need help making a gun license🔫🔫
  10. And plz put a working bank that we can rob plz?
  11. When will u guys add a mayor cus I wanna be secret services