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  1. Approved. Locked and sticky. Will see this in-game soon.
  2. This was the whole idea when starting this community. I've been working on a custom gamemode called 'Unity' (Name in work), but why put work into a large gamemode and not have a community to back it up ? (cough, monolith) Whelp secrets out - snipped images
  3. Also please note; another candidate will be choosen by the electroal college (the council.)
  4. Brandon demoted to User.
  5. Update is coming in today! The secret addition: Ride-able skateboards!
  6. Re added the casino, after a couple of minutes fixing the bugs. Also, added something in that will be user-fun! Not adding to the changelog though
  7. nice
  8. Removed Casino. Gov vehicles take extremely less damage now.
  9. Hello, and welcome to another update! I would like to explain why we're releasing so many updates. I have elected into releasing smaller updates because I can release them faster. That way players are not just sitting on old content all the time. We're also open to all suggestions! Hope you all enjoy this update! Update Log Rockford Cinema System! Daily Rewards system Steam group rewards (join the steam group, get rewarded!) A new Casino system (At club catalyst, good-luck) Store robberies (You can rob any store that sells items) 13 new hats, glasses, and masks! Jail vectors fixed, and players should be teleported out automatically. All government cars have been updated and fixed. Meth & Weed price adjustments (Higher selling price) Attachments can now be equip New firetruck vehicle (Thanks, State-trooper!) Added 2017 raptor as a police vehicle Removed Special Escort vehicle from police cars New car lock sound to help [more] indication of locking your car from a distant. Vehicles no longer turn off when you exit Cinema System The Rockford cinema is now fully working. All the chairs you can sit in, and queue up movies. For now anybody can queue up videos (or movies). So have fun, there's a movie schedule at spawn and outside the cinema! Daily Rewards When I worked at GangWars we had a system in place that rewarded those players who were active. This is the same exact concept. For each day you login you will be rewarded with something (not money), login constantly, then you'll be rewarded better stuff. Casino System The casino accessories will be spawned automatically in the basement of club-catalyst. The list includes; poker, texas holdem, slots, and more! Thanks, Nykez.
  10. https://trello.com/c/FuF0VxH9/34-bugs got them listed thanks buddy boi <3
  11. thx dud i like tat feedback
  12. Accepted. I'll add a few next update.
  13. Got bored, needed a break from the server. I know their shitty, but how can one be improved? Album: http://imgur.com/a/wAdf7
  14. I wish you put this much work into staff management