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  1. Bugs I found: * /me doesn't work * When you rejoin, you get free ammo if you have a gun out (what I heard from someone) * If you move someone while they're dead, their death timer resets My thoughts * Jail time - I'm all for realism, but this 2 hour jail bullshit has got to go away. Even 30 minutes is too long. I'm not gonna sit there with all 8 cores active and my computer sucking up as much power as it can for 2 hours while I can't even be playing. 10-15 minutes should be max jail time. * Motion blur needs to be added to compensate for the serverside lagspikes that occur every 15 seconds. * Monorail needs to be removed. It looks horrible with it lagging around, and it's just one more physics prop the server needs to handle. * Used drug supplies should be globally nocollided * Owned house doors should not contain names. Police will use this to metagame as much as possible. * Keep the economy stable - Players should be taxed based on their current total amount of money.