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Eater of ass

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  1. Vote Glutic so we get nudes of Kaelee
  2. Hi, I am Jon Ass Eater Jones, and I am here to teach you how to grow some kush. Lets start with some basics. Step 1. You will need to buy some of these ingredients: 1 Soil per pot, 1.5-2 distilled water per pot, 1 fertilizer per pot, 1 box of hemp seeds (any quality) per pot (Soil, fertilizer, and pots are found at the furnishing store, hemp seeds is bought from the drug dealer, and the distilled water is found at the grocery store) Step 2. You will need to set up your pot for growing, you will need: 1 Terracotta Pot per plant you plan on growing, along with 1 large lamp, and one box fan Set it up like shown in the photo, Box fan faced up, press e to turn on, the lamp on the side or above it, press e to turn on, and the pot on top of the box fan. Step 3. Setting up the plant, before you insert your seeds, you must start by pouring the soil, water, and fertilizer inside. Start with the soil, drop your soil on the ground and press e, before walking over to the terracotta pot and holding right click, pouring the soil into the pot. Your pot will look like this when finished. Step 4. After doing this, you will need to fill it up with water, and fertilizer. Do the same thing you did with the soil, it will fill up quicker than the soil, so make sure you pay attention to the bars as they fill up so you do not waste any of your materials. Step 5. Now you are ready to pour in your seeds, drop them onto the ground and pick them up, simply letting go of them above the pot will begin the growing process. Step 6. We are now growing weed, it will take around 10 minutes to grow, but the blue bar (water) and the pink bar (fertilizer) will lower as you are growing your dope, so make sure you keep them above the white line. Step 7. After some time passes, and you keep your plants healthy, your plants will be ready for harvest, so press e on them and you will collect them. The three bars on the left will all reset once you claim your product. Completed Product After collecting Step 8. You are not done preparing your kush yet, you still need to dry your product and grind it up. So you need to make a drying rack (6 metal plates, 12 metal brackets, 2 box fans, and 2 metal pipe), and a grinder (1 metal bucket, 1 wrench, 4 metal plates, 1 circular saw, 1 plyers). Remember that you'll need a crafting table in order to make both of these. The Drying Rack The Grinder with the finished product. Step 9. After finishing your last two steps, your product is ready to be sold to the friendly neighborhood drug dealer, he will be in one of these 4 locations, and rotates every 30 minutes. Just find him in one of these locations, and sell your kush, and you will get paid. This has been Jon Ass Eater Jones' guide on growing the dankest of kush, keep an eye out on guides for any future guides coming soon, including gunsmithing and meth cooking.