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  1. Welcome to the Santos police department! I'd like to start off by saying that all work done in Santos is to be done in a professional manner. Now that you've been accepted to the police force you are going to be assigned a callsign and an FTO (Field Training Officer) to help train you. Until you've been trained you're not to drive any police vehicle or carry a lethal gun at any given time unless instructed to by your assigned FTO, if you're caught and action is taken you will receive 1 strike against you, after 3 strikes you lose your badge. You're expected to have read all police regulations on Vehicles & Equipment, Uniforms & Insignia, Santos State Laws, Santos Traffic Violations and Fines and Santos Police Radio Codes. If you ever need help ask a fellow officer, its better to have asked than be sorry for your mistakes.
  2. @123B3n I nominate
  3. It use to say "Mayor system" only, thought it was just a mayor system
  4. Don't see it on there
  5. One problem some departments seem to have is corruption with higher ups, I think we should have a job where if you are voted in you can be whitelisted for governor, with this job you can fire higher ups in any department if you feel they've been corrupt, you pretty much are a glorified mayor with more power. Elections would be held once every month or until the governor becomes inactive (in char he would be impeached) and you would be able to pick this job up at city hall. The pay would be decent, somewhere around $700 to $1000. If the city feels you have failed them in any way you could be voted out of office. Thoughts?
  6. It seems to be an on going issue with people dying of thirst during their 3 hours jail time and you can't use items in your inv during this time, so we need something. I suggest water fountains and meals for the people in jail.