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  1. Ooc no offense but Brandon you are legit getting destroyed
  2. True m1911s are really a collector thing but they are sexy guns
  3. Okay I will when I can
  4. http://www.jgsales.com/mobile/1911-prescott-store-c-365.html I found the m1911s that are like over 1k
  5. Yea I was just looking at IRL gun prices. I was looking at m1911s the ones I seen were like in between 500 and 300 and then there was like a super limited edition one and it was like 3k and on that website ur on there called 1911s they round to about 600 dollars from what I'm seeing and then there is some 300 ones
  6. Heh okey...
  7. If you can make the cs red and my prof name below like yours then put my current prof pic in the background like faded dat would be memetastic.
  8. I haven't been on the server lately because of stuff going on over here and I've been hearing about guns is there some sort of gun npc because for some reason I have been hearing players talking about gun prices and idk what they mean by it
  9. Well I think the map should be for evocity2 considering we are going there soon.
  10. Not kidding bro, the whole time he has been breaking rules and lying but this is it, that was mainly a rage post i made. I like your profile pic tho its funny
  11. Dude thats Bull shit, I wanna be your friend, But stop breaking rules and lieing. I honestly wanted to give you another chance but :\ (making drugs in unowned building) (telling a cop of event that happened in his past life=failrp, right) (Aftermath)-(uses a ton of rascism and swearing ooc) He was mad because he believes we failed rp somehow, and he claims that alpha keeps noclipped to find there house, I was told by the admin bimo that ulx commands were not working at the time and I was the one who found davids house and told alpha myself. He was calling most of us pus**, Ni****, and Bit**, I should probably make this in a ban request, but i am just to pissed because david just cant understand the rules, He has been warned multiple times for rules that he broke and he will not stop breaking them, we even had to have nykez talk to him earlier, but that is it, I think he has crossed the line, either he fixes his act now or, or never, Idk if there are any other rules he broke, please look into the video if you can find any.
  12. I knew there was gonna be skate borads because a day or two ago the servers name had skateboards in it, I CANT WAIT!
  13. Ty for casino but I wonder what this user-fun thing will be