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  1. You heard that guys, continue the support for Bimo.
  2. What a meme.
  3. We were given news, that in the upcoming inauguration, Donald Trump supports Bimo in his upcoming Mayor's Election. Don't forget to vote for Nick Henry, ( Bimo )
  4. For sure, hit me up on steam.
  5. DirtyCaptain, great seeing you again.
  6. For now, we are at Rockford. It's best to do, what we can while we are here.
  7. I'm not going to lie, but this rule may need a bit more clarification. "Items" need to be more defined, as you were saying. I'll talk to Nykez, about creating another map for Rockford, so we are more valid with what a Greenzone is. At the moment, I believe the Greenzone is City, this excludes some areas of Industrial.
  8. As the campaign manager for my client Nick Henry, I'd like to announce his submission in the upcoming mayor elections. Nick Henry for Mayor of Santos. Vote Today!
  9. No need to dislike me, I just have the best Photoshop skills.
  10. Does having a big ego give me a disadvantage?
  11. I eat shit for a living.
  12. Wait, we're looking for a new logo? I drew a shit ton in class earlier today. We all know I'm the king at Graphic Designing.
  13. 723