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  2. Hey guys. I hate to say this. Unfortunately I will be inactive during the 25th through the 27th My testing begins and I need to just prepare myself for this because it's a big test and it's worth everything and important to me and sorta determines my future. Yes I am enlisting into the Navy and I couldn't be happier. It's my choice and am excited to travel the world. I hope you all understand
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  4. Minecraft is most certainly possible however the only two main issue would be what type of server for example Factions or sky block survival and then the harder part is really getting yourself known out there that way we can rack up a decent sized player base and maintain it for over a few months.
  5. Gone but not forgotten. RIP
  6. School comes first my good friend! Good luck on your exam!
  7. I'll still be here, just some what inactive, but weekends I'll be here full time. I'll be active on the forums so if some one needs me just send me a message
  8. Yes we all completely understand why you have chosen to Revise. School will always be most important thing Good Luck!
  9. education is a conspiracy faget drop out of school
  10. 123B3n, Get them learnin's in and get dat degree. We sees ya when we sees ya. -RogueNerd911
  11. Hello, so I just want to inform each and everyone that I will be some what inactive around the community especially between Monday - Fridays. Reason being that I've got an upcoming exam in a couple of months. All though I won't disappear completely I will be some what inactive. Hopefully you all can understand.
  12. Glutic, It's an idea. I was going to suggest maybe having a Minecraft server but I'm not sure if the server runs on windows or Linux. Its easy to do on a windows pc but it a total pain when it comes to linux. I have no experience with roblox at all but I would imagine that it might be relatively the same. It's a good idea but I'm not sure about the feasibility. -RogueNerd911
  13. Good is getting there lmfao. Hey guys I have a really good idea. Why don't we become a Roblox community?!! So not kidding
  14. Grim, That didn't really answer my question. Other than Arma 3 and Garry's Mod do you know of any other games that can be as customized and ran on private servers? Because I have no idea other than those two, so I am asking for as many options as possible since you were the one who suggested to move away from gmod since it is a "dying" game. -RogueNerd911
  15. Become a game community. Have Squad, A3, other misc game servers.
  16. Club Penguin.
  17. Grim, Those are all good points but which game should we move to if that is the case? Arma is one of the few "devable" games that I know of off hand that is still a largely multiplayer shooter. -RogueNerd911
  18. Starwars and MilRP are extremely over saturated, with 100s of small servers with 100 players daily. HL2RP is dead. Santos, people play on the actual one, and mini games are dead except for the people who still watch Vanoss. Time for Gmod to die? Time to move on to another game?
  19. Hey guys, Not to be super negative but I have had a few friends try to run a Starwars RP mode on their own server and they were good and stable for maybe a month or two before their base totally disappeared. Now I have seen military RP servers do very well but they need players on a lot of the time. Now I am all for a military RP server but I would suggest staying away from the totally desolate maps which allow for people to basically snipe between bases. Now I realize that some people will really enjoy that but I have been on a few military RP servers that had a fairly desolate map and snipers were very plentiful. So maybe a map that has a mix between a cityscape and an empty part of a desert or something would be a bit better than just a large sandpit with two bases. Also, Would it be a good idea to have a few servers like prop hunt or maybe a purge server so we have "a home for the minges" so if they are minging on the Santos or Military RP server we can redirect them to the other server so we don't have to lose our player base as much. (just an idea) Well that's my input hope it was helpful. -RogueNerd911
  20. what the fuck just happend
  21. No we are keeping the Santos server. We are making a second server that will either be militaryrp or star wars rp
  23. Wait Wait, are we changing the community from Real lifeRP server to MilltaryRP. Thats one big leap you're taking and promiose you will loose out on a lot of players! I think keep it Real Life RP. But go back to perp!
  24. @Nykez So are we deciding which one are we doing because if its mrp Iwanna be a faction leader if allowed :D:D:D. sorry I keep asking I'm just so SO HYPED MY DUDE
  25. Hell yea FAM.
  26. Well everybody, let's get started?
  27. Hah. Also I did want to suggest this as well but if Military RP is what is good then so be it! I would love to see this community grow into a HL2RP universe. I am a desperate fan girl for Half Life (Lore) and with my experience from the past communities/servers as running servers or just being staff. I miss my adventures rolling through the game-mode and roll playing the fuck out of it. IC LOOC you name it. Just to keep my character occupied I'd Passive rp anything and ic rp. And don't let me forget the factions (Civilians - Civil workers Union - Loyalists - Civil Protection - Overwatch Transhuman Arm (OTA) - City administrator - Rebels - Vortigaunts etc.. There so much to it and if anything. If interested need help? Lmk
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