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  2. Ooc no offense but Brandon you are legit getting destroyed
  3. Yesterday
  4. You heard that guys, continue the support for Bimo.
  5. Brandons Mayor App Nicks Mayor App
  6. I feel like both candidates should write a lil' thingie about why the fuck we should vote for 'em. I don't know shit about these two motherfuckers upvote or meme-man will punish u
  7. #Bimo4Mayor2017
  8. Today
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  10. The people have spoken and our newest Council Member is Alpha! Congratulations!
  11. Updated with my own version.
  12. Got his ass, spilled the beans! I mean you could look at it as if you wouldn't have a community back it up, but think about it when you're scrolling through the GMod server list then see a new type of roleplay people are bound to try it. "What the fuck is ConduitRp, Has some players on it let me go check it out." -Anyways good luck on developing actually.. Best of luck! excited for the beta.
  13. True m1911s are really a collector thing but they are sexy guns
  14. Okay I will when I can
  15. What a meme.
  16. We were given news, that in the upcoming inauguration, Donald Trump supports Bimo in his upcoming Mayor's Election. Don't forget to vote for Nick Henry, ( Bimo )
  17. For sure, hit me up on steam.
  18. WAAAY to expensive for a handgun IRL when I can get a nice hunting rifle for that much. M1911s are really just collector bs.
  19. Last week
  20. http://www.jgsales.com/mobile/1911-prescott-store-c-365.html I found the m1911s that are like over 1k
  21. Yea I was just looking at IRL gun prices. I was looking at m1911s the ones I seen were like in between 500 and 300 and then there was like a super limited edition one and it was like 3k and on that website ur on there called 1911s they round to about 600 dollars from what I'm seeing and then there is some 300 ones
  22. http://www.jgsales.com/chinese-sks-type-56-semi-auto-rifle,-7.62x39,-military-surplus-issue-with-bayonet,-c-r.-used.-p-58288.html
  23. More details to come when we get closer to official release.
  24. Heh okey...
  25. Approved. Locked and sticky. Will see this in-game soon.
  26. This was the whole idea when starting this community. I've been working on a custom gamemode called 'Unity' (Name in work), but why put work into a large gamemode and not have a community to back it up ? (cough, monolith) Whelp secrets out - snipped images
  27. It is a great though Kat! But like @Joe Batters said. We should get our player base growing and then maybe!
  28. Keep adding new "custom" things to the SantosRP gamemode and make it somewhat unique, then one we will be able to call it what ever we want.
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